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To our valued brand customers,

The products we send into your home and business and the safety of our employees is of utmost importance to us. We want all of our customers to know that our thoughts are with everyone affected directly by Covid-19, as well as those experiencing daily disruption in their lives due the situation at hand. Even in these uncertain times we want you to know that we are committed to continuing to provide high quality OEM parts and equipment to our customers all over the globe. At a time when construction equipment and contractor tools need to be working better than even in the hands of first responders. In order to provide top customer service, iBuy Stores has taken the following steps corporate to ensure seamless customer service coverage:

- Customer service will be available weekly as before with the help of both on site and remote employees in our customer service center. Our main phone number of 1-800-889-0661 will help guide you to the best department for all your specific order and product needs.
- Customers may submit less timely inquires like order statuses, returns or cancellations through one of our contact links online via email or even live chat.
- We are speaking daily with our vast manufacturer locations and stay aware of any possible closures and slow downs to inform our customers. Products then might be rerouted  or sourced from other locations in order to help fulfill your order as fast as possible. We appreciate your understanding as we help navigate these tougher times.
- Please know that all of our on-site staff have received safety training and have been provided all necessary PPE and resources to help ensure the safety of the work environment at of our locations.
- Our warehouses remain open at this time and will remain open so long as it is approved to be safe by both our management team and the state governments we work from.

We would like to thank all of our current and new customers for continuing to support and buy from us during these uncertain times. We are extremely thankful for your patience and support during this during these times. Like everyone, we hope for a speedy conclusion to the Covid-19 outbreak, and we look forward to servicing your needs for many years now an into the future.

Please contact us with any questions and continue to monitor this page for further updates as things progress.

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